Weiss A+U

University of Guelph


University of Guelph

Guelph, ON

Lennox Addington Hall on the northern edge of the University of Guelph campus is a 10-storey residence housing 600 students. Constructed in 1970 and typical of large building projects of the era, the residence had limited thermal insulation and consumed an excessive amount of energy. Furthermore, the veneer brick wall system displayed serious structural damage due to interior water vapour and exterior water penetration, and was stained and unsightly.

The first task was to repair and make safe the brick veneer, and this was carried out by the University over two summers in 2007 and 2008. To address the building envelope issues of water penetration, lack of insulation and air and vapour barriers, Kevin Weiss lead the team for the design of the building’s  re-cladding and windows replacement. This work was undertaken over the next subsequent summers.

In addition to providing a state of the art building envelope, the he re-skinning project greatly enhanced the aesthetics of the building, and provided a foundation for planned internal renovations, all of which will make for an enhanced environment for the students.

At the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro in 2010, the project was announced as an award finalist in the prestigious international zerofootprint™ Re-Skinning Competition.


Larkin Architect Limited
Kevin Weiss – Principal
Photography: Eden Robbins, Kevin Weiss